Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Welcome to the class blog!!!

There a few things you need to remember on the class blog:

  1. Make sure you answer the question on YOUR CLASS PAGE (just click on your class name and you will be on the correct page)
  2. Answer ALL parts to each of the questions posted AND type your last name, first intial after your response.
  3. When responding please use correct grammar, CUPS, and explain your reasoning. No question is yes/no so no response will be a simple yes/no. (you may need to write your response in word and cut/paste it into the comment box.)
  4. DO NOT write any inappropriate responses - they will be deleted and you will not get a passing grade for the assignment. 
  5. When posting, please use either your google act. to post OR the anonymous option.
Please refer back to these hints/guidelines when necessary.

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